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Why Kudremukh Trek cannot be missed during Monsoon

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Kudremukh is itself a great place to spend some time in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka which is known as a coffee house. Kudremukh’s name came from ‘horse face’ because one of the hill sides resembles a horse. The peak is famous through the hikers for various scenic views. In Kudremukh monsoon trek, highlighted things are small streams, green landscape, bamboo bushes. 

The Kudremukh which means horse face. Its peculiar structure suggests that name. In Karnataka the Kudremukh trek is also known as Samseparvath. And this is a base place to go to Samse Village. It is situated in the Chikmagalur district which is in the heart of the Western Ghats. It is the third tallest mountain in Karnataka. This is located behind Mullaayangiri and Baba Budangiri. It has an altitude of 6207 feet. The Kudremukh trek has a diversity of wildlife such as deers, peacocks and other animals.


 Kudremukh trek area: 

The Kudremukh’s trek area is Chikmagalur, and Karnataka. 



The Kudremukh trek is an easy and moderate level


Base camp location:

For this trek the base camp is Kudremukh. 



The whole trek takes approximately 8 hours. 



The Kudremukh mountain altitude is 6207 feet. 


What to see in Kudremukh:

From the side, Kudremukh hill trek has a peculiar horse face structure which is similar to a horse’s face. 

Over there is a Shola forest which is referred to as the green land on the Western Ghats. In this forest there are several animals such as deer, leopard, common langurs, lions, Malabar giant squirrels, and other animals. 

Entering the Shola forest the next is Rolling peaks which are green slopes and cloudy valleys. During the monsoon season the whole trekking area is covered with mist.


Monsoon is the best time for Kudremukh trek:


Whereas the Kudremukh is situated in the Western Ghats so the whole place receives a lot of rain during monsoon. So the best time for this trek is between June to September. In this season visitors can witness thick clouds, greenlands, and leeches. This season for the trekkers offers an amazing experience to travel. 



In the winter season between October to January in the Kudremukh hill the rainfall decreases in time. at the evening, the weather is most suitable for trekking. In the evening it is getting cooler and at night even colder. You can witness the beautiful panoramic views which is the best time for the Kudremukh trekking. 



In the summer season, between February to May you will be able to notice transparent views through the forest. 


To reach Kudremukh trek:

From the base camp Mullodi the Kudremukh trek has begun in Karnataka which is around 15 kilometres from Kalasa. If you want to reach Mullodi directly you have to go through 10 kilometres from Kalasa to Kudremukh entrance. Over there you can take a vehicle to Mullodi village where the forest office is situated. By public or bus transportation you can go to the Kalasa and then you can enter the Kudremukh. 


Nearby railway station to reach:

From Mangalore railway station the destination is around 120 kilometers. 

And, nearest international airport is Mangalore International Airport which is around 115 kilometers. 


To reach the Kudremukh trek from Bangalore:

From the main city of Bangalore you can start your journey over there. As per there is no direct transport to Kudremukh and you have to descend to Kalasa. 

From Kalasa there are also available buses. The total distance from Kalasa to Kudremukh is around 10 kilometres. 


To reach the Kudremukh trek from Mangalore:

There are always available buses from Mangalore to Kudremukh trekking spot. Which is around 100 kilometres away. Mangalore city has the nearest airport to reach your destination. 


From the Kudremukh trek to Chikmagalur:

The Kudremukh trek is around 18 kilometres away. During this trek you have to be fit and strong. If you want to finish this trek in a day you will need to endure and little knowledge about it. This trekking is itself a challenging aspect. At the end of the day you have to be fit for this journey.


The views of the Kudremukh trek are mesmerizing with foggy valleys and rolling green peaks with the greenlands, woodlands, and various small waterfalls. There are so many amazing aspects of the Kudremukh trek. 

You have to be careful during the Kudremukh trek in the monsoon season as there are leeches seen on every step in this trek. 


Kudremukh trek is known as one of the most popular trek of South. The trek is in the chikmagalur. people who are visiting chikmagalur. the trek is moderately difficult which make it best for everyone.

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