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How To Outline A Person

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How to outline a person

How To Outline A Person. We are all very familiar with the human form, as we see it every day! Even if you were to spend a day indoors and see no one, you might still be able to see a few glimpses of your image on some reflective surfaces. Despite this familiarity with the subject, drawing human bodies is one of the most challenging subjects to master in drawing. This can make learning to draw a person’s outline a frustrating undertaking.

You are fortunate; having the proper tutorial to help you can be easier and more fun! It’s the place to be if you want to know how because this step-by-step guide on how to draw a person’s outline will show you just how easy it can be. You can draw many more characters like goku drawing easy, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

This guide to outlining a person will start with the outline of the man’s head that we will draw. First, use a rounded line for the front of her face. Try copying this line as it appears in our reference image, which will help you replicate the correct facial proportions for the outline. Next, we’ll use more curvy, wavy lines for the hair on the top of her head. Finish this step by using another rounded line for her ear at the base of her hair; then, we can move on to the second step of the guide.

Step 2:

In this second step, we will go down from the head to the chest and the arms to draw the silhouette of this person. First, we’ll draw the hole in the collar of his shirt. Start by drawing a curved line along the base of his neck, then draw another just below. The neck hole will look a bit pointy at the base, as shown in the reference picture. Next, we will draw his shoulders. Extend a few slightly angled curved lines downward from the sides of the neck hole you just drew. Then draw a few lines from his shoulders to the start of his arms to complete this step.

Step 3:

You are now ready to start drawing arms in this step of our guide on how to outline a person. First, we will draw the short sleeves of his shirt. Draw curved lines coming down from the arms of the shirt, then add straight horizontal lines to the ends. Next, we will draw the arms. Use curved lines to pull them down from the sleeves and bend them at the elbows. You’ll see in the final image that her arms will rest on her legs, so try to keep that in mind when drawing them.

Step 4:

Continuing to outline this person, we will start with the legs and other details. First, draw the back of his shirt rolled up at the bottom by drawing small curved lines close to each other. Next, draw a curved line for the right knee. This knee will fill the space left in the forearm. You can use more curved lines for the knee on the other side and extend the knees lower. Finish by drawing the back of his leg; then, you’re ready for the final details in the next step of the guide.

Step 5:

You’ve reached step five of this guide on how to draw a person’s outline, and we’ll be finalizing the final details. Instead, remove the base of his pants, utilizing better-curved bars with slightly bent rims at the ground. Next, draw the shape of your shoes under the pant legs. You can then finish by drawing straight lines to show the surface you are sitting on. Once these details are drawn, you can add your details! You can remove facial parts, count a set, or even pull another individual seating with this guy. How stand you moving to complete this painting?

Step 6:

The last step in outlining your person will be to finish some colors. In our reference image, we chose green for his shirt and blue for his pants. We made his hair and shoes black to finish him off, but the good news is that you have plenty of options for coloring this man! Choosing the colors is only part of the fun, as you can also experiment with artistic tools and media to bring the colors to life. What colors and art mediums do you think would work best for your fantasy drawing?

This is how you can make your outline drawing even better…

Create some fantastic characters as we make this person sketch even better! There are many ways to customize the outline drawing of this person to make them your character. The first one we will cover is changing your hairstyle. We kept the hairstyle relatively simple to make it easier to draw. That said, you can create any hairstyle you like for this character! You might want to use people you know or celebrities as examples to help you draw. Then adding some facial features could make this outline drawing of a person more distinctive. We kept the face blank in our design to focus on the body contour. Now you can change that as you decide on specific facial features! They can be drawn in any style, and the types of expressions they represent can vary.

This is another case where you could use a friend, family member, or a mirror to help you draw. People often express themselves through the clothes they wear. You could sketch a makeover with new clothes on that person’s outline! It can be as simple as adding a pattern to his shirt, or you can create entirely new clothes. It could also include items like hats and jewelry. This character’s style is up to you, so what kind of clothing could you add to this design? Finally, you can finish outlining this person with some background details. This person seems relatively relaxed, which makes you wonder where they might sit. You might be sitting on a bench in a mall, on a chair in a park, or just relaxing in your living room. These are just a few ideas you could try, but you can probably think of many more! Where do you think this character might be sitting?

Finished Drawing!


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