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Bangalore to Wayanad Tour Package details

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Bangalore to Wayanad Tour packages consist of Accommodation at Wayanad with free morning meal and journey from Bangalore to Wayanad and back in special A/C Cab which comprises pick up from Bangalore, trip to Wayanad, and Wayanad. Tour price is inclusive of Car Regional Permit costs, Toll Tax, Car parks and all other applicable taxes. Driving itinerary from Bangalore to Wayanad goes Bangalore to Mysore to Nanjangud to Gundlupet to Wayanad. The distance from Bangalore to Wayanad is about 275 Kms. & Takes 6 Hrs from Bangalore to Wayanad. Bangalore to Wayanad Tour Packages can be modified with Lodging and Transport of your selection.


The general Bangalore to Wayanad Tour Package goes as:

Tour from Bangalore to Wayanad to sightseeing

Banasura Sagar Dam

It is an earthen dam located in the district of Wayanad of Kerala state. It is among the most prevalent Wayanad vacationer spots.

The dam was constructed in 1979 under the Indian Banasura Sagar Project that was initiated to assist the Kakkayam Hydro Electric Power Project. This project also intended at aiding to the drinking water and irrigation necessities of the citizens.


Pookote Lake

Pookote Lake, also identified as Pookode Lake is a natural freshwater lake located near to the Kalpetta – Kozhikode primary road in the Wayanad. It is also among the must-visit Wayanad tourism places. Present at a height of around 2500 feet, this charming natural freshwater lake is enclosed by evergreen woods and continuing knolls. 



It is a small hill station sited at the uppermost spot in the Wayanad. Having an elevation of around 700 m, Lakkidi receives about 600 cm rainfall yearly, making it one of the maximum rainfall areas in Kerala and also one of the major Wayanad sightseer stations to visit.

It is often denoted as ‘the gateway of Wayanad’, and is located at the top of the bending Thamarassery ghat pass, which includes about 9 hairpin curves.

This lovely hill township has a quantity of beautiful places and captivating vantage point.  

By the end of the day have stay overnight in Wayanad and next morning resume the Wayanad exploration


Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves are two natural caverns situated on apex of Ambukutty Mala near Ambalavalayal in Wayanad. It is one of the famous sites of culture in Kerala, and comes among the must-comprise spots in Wayanad tour.

Situated at an elevation of 4000 feet, Edakkal Caves were discovered by Fred Fawcett. The term ‘Edakkal’ precisely denotes ‘a stone in between’. Here anyone can notice a cavern developed by a weighty rock spanning a gap in the rock. This traditional site is believed to be the major Wayanad spots to visit, particularly for history enthusiasts.


Wayanad Heritage Museum

It is situated in Ambalavayal community. This is one of the finest traditional exhibition halls in Kerala. The museum contains captivating stuffs from tribal societies courting back to the second century AD. It has an erratic collection of numerous antique apparatuses & tribal relics such as jewellery and agricultural tools, hunting and fishing armaments, a well collection of old statuaries, etc. Early terra cottas, stone arms and local drawing are also on show at the exhibition hall.

A sequence of pictographic rock pronouncements denoted to as Hero Stones, remember a previous phase of warriors. There is an acceptable figure of the Goddess of fertility, Urvara, exhibited here too. Maximum of the relics are gathered from the Wayanad and nearby areas.

The museum is dispersed in two levels with figurines inhabiting lower level whereas the tribal relics are presented in first level.


Jain Temple 

Jain Temple is an earliest temple sited in the core of Sulthan Bathery town in Wayanad. This is one of the most significant among a succession of wrecks spread throughout Kerala that affirm to a period of a solid Jain existence in this province and also one of the finest legacy sites to trip in Wayanad.

It is thought to have been constructed in 13th century AD. The temple has an exciting past. It initially served as a shrine, and then converted an important centre of viable bustle. Far ahead in 18th century, it developed a dumping field of ammos by Tipu Sultan.

The Sulthan Bathery was previously known as Ganapathi Vattam and had 12 old Jain streets in and around.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Muthunga Wildlife Sanctuary or Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, is a national park and Elephant Reserve in the Wayanad. It is one of the topmost spots of natural world in Kerala state, and amongst the finest areas to visit in Wayanad.

This sanctuary was launched to preserve the biological inheritance of the region with due contemplation to the conventional routine of tribes.

After completing the sightseeing, travel back to Bangalore from Wayanad. wayanad is one of the popular destination near Bangalore. People from bangalore and around the world come here to enjoy the vacation with their loved ones.

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